Raises the tension, fear shakes bodies…terror moments pass along a dark corridor towards a wooden door that allows you to see the sunlight.

Chain rumors from outside and brave swords move the air all around whilst they’re rotating in warriors’ hands. The door opens and other’s gladiator bodies appear waiting for you and the same tension that was shaking you by fear before now provides you the brave to fight and to find out the GLORY and HONOR




This the scene happened so many times around 2000 years ago in the arenas of the cities of the Roman Empire.


Now, gladiators raise up once again from the past and born in Rome, in the arena of the Gruppo Storico Romano in Via Appia Antica, 18.


The Scuola Gladiatori Roma teaches how to fight with the real same weapons handed by gladiators of the ancient Rome, so that Gladius, Trident, Net, and whole Armors.


In the first two months of your training you will learn how to use the “gladius”, the typical sword handed by gladiators (the name itself  “gladiator” comes right from the word “gladius”). Suddenly, the scholar will learn about the other weapons and, finally, how to fight with a complete set of weapons and the whole protective armor.


Mixing culture and sport, trained by “doctores” (the gladiators’ trainers) and artisans, we cross the swords, we try nets and tridents, we wear helmets and armors and we study hits and movements of this extraordinary discipline.


We are organized into 4 levels of graduation for males: “Mirmillon”, “Secutor”, “Retiarius” and “Trace” and one graduation for females: “Amazon”; specially dedicated to a female gladiator named Amazon coming from Alicarnasso.(Greek)


We program theoretical fightings, lonely and group trainings with wooden swords (rudis) and even with modified iron swords (not sharpen or cutting) and wearing the whole protective armors like helmets, iron arms and “schinieri” (iron protection for legs and knees).


The school provides 2 lessons for week lasting for 2 months.


In order to be admitted to our courses you must become member of the Gruppo Storico Romano, provide a medical certificate that states your good-health according to not agonistically activities and pay the subscription fare amounting to:



The subscription fare includes the Gladiator’s bag containing: one “tunica”(dress), a pair of sandals, belt, iron and leather protective glove and one “rudis” (training  wooden sword).